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Take the Risk out of WordPress Hosting

There is no denying the power of WordPress as an affordable and powerful tool to drive dynamic, content-rich websites and blogs. Yet, maintaining the WordPress platform, ensuring security is in place, updating plug-ins, monitoring, patching, and maintaining backups can be an unanticipated headache of the WordPress platform. CDS can take on the necessary tasks associated with managing your WordPress environment and give your technology and marketing teams more time to focus on your digital brand.

The CDS Managed WordPress Service incorporates the following features:

  • Backups
  • Full server backups performed every Friday PM/Saturday AM
  • Cumulative incremental backups all other days
  • Each database is backed up every evening as a separate process
  • WordPress Platform Maintenance
  • All core WP files are updated with stable upgrade releases after testing of plugins and theme files (testing is done in isolated dev/staging environment)
  • CDS WP environment runs the latest stable version of Apache
  • CDS WP database environment runs the latest stable version of MySQL
  • Patching and other routine maintenance conducted in coordination with agency
  • Customer support routed through CDS Customer Care 24/7
  • Monthly web application vulnerability scanning and remediation assistance


  • All WP installations are separate and use database instances that are allocated only to that installation
  • CDS production WP environment isolated from QA and database environments
  • Database and WP logins all follow DAS standard minimum password requirements
  • CDS WP environment allows for secure file management via SFTP to your instance of WP if desired – jailed access with password requirements
  • CDS follows industry best practices with regard to user permissions


  • All sites are monitored 24/7 for uptime

Site Migrations

  • Depending on complexity, migration activities may be treated as separate projects
  • All migrated sites are created using the latest available version of WordPress
  • All plugins used on the site will utilize most current versions
  • Guidance can be provided to determine plugins to use for various tasks
  • All standard themes will use the most current versions
  • Custom themes can be utilized

Web Development Services

In need of a Website refresh for your agency? CDS Digital Support Services can join forces with your chosen creative team to provide rock-solid development and hosting based on your creative direction. Great creative, great site, lower cost to you! With a WordPress powered site, you can easily keep your site up-to-date with content that drives your agency’s digital marketing.

For more information contact Kevin Reynolds, or Andy Roach at Team CDS Digital.