About Digital Marketing Services

Enabling Data Driven Digital Marketing

Data driven marketing provides engaging content at the appropriate time and location along the prospect’s online journey. CDS Digital Marketing Services can help your business development team leverage Content Strategy, Customer Relations Management , Marketing Automation and Advanced Analytics to drive your marketing campaigns. Utilizing digital marketing applications such as Marketo, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, ExactTarget and others in conjunction with your website and social media initiatives, CDS Digital Marketing Services can help you to drive and capture more leads online.
Omnicom DAS agencies can take advantage of our SEO audit offer and receive a complimentary technical SEO audit and competitive keyword analysis. Just fill out our marketing technology survey and we’ll contact you with the results!

Content Strategy

Effective SEO = Optimized Content Strategy

An effective content strategy must take into account how search engines index and rank content. If you make sure that your site is clean technically, is respected and linked to from other influential sites, has high quality content with contextually relevant keywords and is mobile friendly you will be rewarded with great SERP results.


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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation applications feature lead capture, scoring and grading, multichannel campaign management, resource management, landing page creation, event management, campaign results reporting and ROI analysis.
CDS Digital Marketing Services can consult with your agency to determine the right platform for your business and help with establishing best practices.
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Advanced Analytics

Inbound marketing analytic products collect data describing leads, prospects and customers who have interacted with an online experience, email message, social platform or event. Both anonymous and users who’ve opted in can be tracked.
Digital marketing analytics applications provide website, mobile application, email and social engagement data so that programs and campaigns can be monitored for effectiveness and ROI.
Data visualization tools provide actionable analysis to business users without the need for technical data analysis expertise.
Advanced analytics technologies such as Hadoop can process large data sets of unstructured and real time data using utility computing models for higher efficiency and lowered costs.
CDS Digital Marketing Services can help you determine which technologies and applications meet your agency’s needs.
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